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For 25 years, Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life: Acting as the Art of the Empathetic Imagination, has accessed and activated the potential of the human being called "actor", through imagination, empathy and the transformative power of story.

Classes at The Imagined Life are vibrantly creative environments devoted to encouraging and inspiring the transformative exploration, discovery, experience and expression of your natural empathetic imagination.

Classes are comprised of students of mixed "levels of experience" to reflect the reality of the professional work place.

You do not need to be a member of the studio, currently in class, nor do you need to have taken the introductory workshop in order to coach for auditions and/or ongoing projects.

To book coaching and for fees, please call (323) 936-6818.

"Acting coach" does not really cover Faline's profound ongoing contribution to Heroine, which is central to its success.  She is unparalleled. There are many extraordinary minds in Hollywood, but she is unparalleled in her combination of gift and lack of the egotism that can accompany it. There is something alchemical about a session with her, where new neural pathways spark and branch in my mind and body, specifically and carefully provoked by her with the light-touch accuracy of a brain surgeon. There is simply no-one to match her passion as a teacher, her generosity as a champion and her dramaturgical specificity with the text. Faline's artistic support, grit, forensic insight and almost shamanic guidance is central to why this show has reach, and central to why I am able to tell it from the inside of the created world it contains.  She is a story midwife.” - Mary Jane Wells


Heroine (Scotland) A U.S. premiere!
A one woman show about a female soldier

"Graphic and raw, Heroine keeps you gripped to the edge of your seat. Harrowing, a real triumph from start to finish”—All Edinburgh Theatre

On a dangerous mission inside a combat zone, Sgt Davis must work with the perpetrator of her sexual attack to get her squad home safely. Can peace ever be possible?

This one-woman show written and performed by Mary Jane Wells is based on the true story of a lesbian soldier in the U.S. Army: an outsider who wouldn't quit. She loved its challenges and thrived within that rigorous world. At the time she enlisted, before “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” was repealed, she was the only woman in her entire company and went on to lead a squad into combat. A survivor of military sexual trauma, she served on the battlefield alongside her assailant. Heroine is an incredible human story about one soldier's experiences, and what healing and forgiveness really mean. Performed in English. Recommended for age 18 and up

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