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The Realistic Joneses

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Back in the year 2000, the award-winning American playwright Will Eno (Thom Pain, The Flu Season) visited Gare St Lazare Ireland in Mericourt, France as we workshopped his play Tragedy A Tragedy. A decade later, he wrote Title and Deed for actor Conor Lovett and director Judy Hegarty Lovett, and it premiered at Kilkenny Arts Festival in 2011 and was subsequently produced off Broadway in association with Signature Theatre where Will was writer-in-residence. We are delighted to continue the relationship with plans to produce Will’s 2012 play, The Realistic Joneses, on both sides of the Atlantic. In June and August, we began development with Zoom readings by actors Faline England, Conor Lovett, Robin Pearson Rose, and Joe Spano.

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