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The Orange Curtain Review

Say What’s Real : The Realistic Joneses @ Laguna Playhouse – Review

What is real? Is there such a thing as something more real than real? Watching shows like The Realistic Joneses, playing now at the Laguna Playhouse for a short run from April 26 – May 14, makes you question what we take for granted as real. It’s jarring and done simply through language and minimal setting.

Before I continue this review, I need to mention multiple phones rung during the performance. This is not the first, and I’m sure it will not be the last, time I’ve attended a performance where phones rang several times, not only distracting me as the viewer of the show but the actors as well. So much time is devoted to our phones. I’m probably on my phone more than most, but for the time we’re in the theater, shut it off. Why did you come if you didn’t want to see the show?

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