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OC Register Review

‘The Realistic Joneses’ in Laguna can be intriguing or maddening

Playwright Will Eno is a deadpan thinker about deep topics. His “The Realistic Joneses,” now at the Laguna Playhouse, is about mortality and death, yet the audience laughs all the way through it.

There is an elusive quality to some kinds of storytelling that can land as either intriguing or maddening, the kind critics tend to fawn over, yet some people are thoroughly irritated with.

“The Realistic Joneses” appears to land in this space.

At the end of this intermission-free, two-hour production I had separate conversations with people 10 feet apart, a gleaming-eye theater-aholic who couldn’t get enough and two women who faithfully attend Laguna Playhouse first nights and who couldn’t leave fast enough.

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