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Newport Beach Independent Review

Laguna Playhouse’s ‘Realistic Joneses’ is a Brilliant, Definitive Dramedy

By Eric Marchese | Special to the NB Indy

As far as basic dramatic ingredients go, you can’t get much more elemental (solo shows aside) than “The Realistic Joneses.”

Four characters. Two married couples with the same surname, Jones. And that’s about it.

But any time playwright Will Eno is involved, something so deceptively simple is guaranteed to deliver more than is readily apparent.

“Joneses” was commissioned by and premiered at Yale Repertory Theatre in 2012 and had its Broadway premiere in 2014, but this is its first appearance in Orange County.

This production originated with the Irish theater company Gare St. Lazare Ireland (known as GSLI), which first entered it in the 2022 Dublin Theatre Festival as a co-production with the Ventura-based Rubicon Theatre Company.

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