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"Best Actress 2019" -LA Times OC

"England’s phenomenally expressive Georgie is a whirlwind of self-defeating manic extremes - Grifter, lover, damsel in distress — England cycles through Georgie’s multiple facets with pinpoint precision.”

                                                                                                                                                                   -Philip Brandes, LA Times 

Faline England and Joe Spano in Simon Stephen's HEISENBERG ©2019 Jeanne Tanner

Irish Theatre Awards 2022

The Realistic Joneses
Best Ensemble Nominee




APRIL 26 - MAY 14

Faline England

"England's Georgie is outrageous, profane, sexy, and girlish, playing a woman of 42 who acts like a smitten teenager, folding herself up provocatively on one of the two chairs that serve as the production's only set pieces. “

                                          -Broadway World

"A great part of this is the superb job turned in by England, who puts her entire heart and soul into her performance. This is borne out by the real tears she sheds when she and Spano were taking their bows after the end of the play. It's clear she goes through an emotional wringer with every performance and we can't ask more of an actor than that.”

                                            -Broadway World

"Heisenberg showcases two remarkable actors at their best.”

                                       -Broadway World

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