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LA Drama Critics Circle Award Best Lead Performance Nomination:

Faline England; The Realistic Joneses, The Rubicon Theatre Company, Laguna Playhouse

"Best Actress 2019" for Heisenberg -LA Times OC

"England’s phenomenally expressive Georgie is a whirlwind of self-defeating manic extremes - Grifter, lover, damsel in distress — England cycles through Georgie’s multiple facets with pinpoint precision.”

                                                                                                                                                                   -Philip Brandes

Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle

LA Times 

Faline England and Joe Spano in Simon Stephen's Heisenberg ©2019 Jeanne Tanner

“Nomination for Best Ensemble” for The Realistic Joneses

Irish Times Theatre Award 2022  


“The Realistic Joneses…a terrific production…featuring a quartet

of actors so good it’d be hard to imagine a better cast.”


-Terry Morgan

Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle

Arts Beat LA

Sorcha Fox, Conor Lovett, Joe Spano, Faline England in
The Realistic Joneses by Will Eno ©2022 Sasko Lazarov

Faline England

"A great part of this is the superb job turned in by England, who puts her entire heart and soul into her performance. This is borne out by the real tears she sheds when she and Spano were taking their bows after the end of the play. It's clear she goes through an emotional wringer with every performance and we can't ask more of an actor than that.”
                                            -Broadway World

"England's Georgie is outrageous, profane, sexy, and girlish, playing a woman of 42 who acts like a smitten teenager, folding herself up provocatively on one of the two chairs that serve as the production's only set pieces. “

                                          -Broadway World

"Heisenberg showcases two remarkable actors at their best.”

                                       -Broadway World

“...Realistic Joneses’ is a Brilliant Definitive Dramedy”

“Kudos to the monumental work of actors England, Fox, Lovett and Spano; to Eno's gutsy translation of inchoate fears into words and ideas…"

- Newport Beach Independent

Eric Marchese

“Faline England going from happy and neighborly to tense and confused – that was more real than real.”

- The Orange Curtain Review

Patrick Chavis


“Faline England splendidly rounds out the cast as the wide-eyed Pony”


-Stage and Cinema

Dan Zeff

“Laguna Playhouse is currently presenting a tour de finesse of acting and


“The exemplary four performers are

two Americans (Joe Spano and Faline England) and two actors from Ireland (Conor Lovett and Sorcha Fox).”

- The Orange County Register

Christopher Smith

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